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Press Release – LFFA & Morality in Media

LFFA partners with national organization, Morality in Media – Assists Sen. AG Crowe in passing SB 513 in committee!

Source: Louisiana Family Forum Action

For Immediate Release: 05/07/2012


Contact: Gene Mills, President, Louisiana Family Forum / LFF Action

Phone: 225-344-8533

On Tuesday, May 7th, SB 513, by Sen. A.G. Crowe, passed out of the Louisiana House Commerce Committee, completing the third of four steps before hitting the Governor’s desk. Louisiana currently provides tax credits for films produced in our state. SB 513 is a essential piece of legislation, which aims to prohibit the use of state film tax credits for the production of pornographic or obscene motion pictures in Louisiana.

LFFA partnered with the national organization, Morality in Media, to assist Sen. AG Crowe in passing SB 513 in committee today. Gene Mills, President of Louisiana Family Forum Action (LFFA), remarked: “LFF is proud to stand against the corrosive effect of pornography on our culture and in ensuring that not one penny of Louisiana taxpayer money subsidizes this type of filming.”

Morality in Media National Board Member, Margaret Rucks of Lafayette, Louisiana, was on hand in committee to testify in favor of the SB 513. In a letter of support for the bill sent to committee members, Morality in Media President Emeritus, Robert Peters, stated, “It would be bad enough for the State of Louisiana to fund a film that used a minor in a scene that depicts simulated sexually explicit conduct. It would be far worse to fund a film that depicts a minor engaging in actual sexually explicit conduct” (Morality and Media, Article, Robert Peters, Esq., President of Morality and Media, May 6, 2012).

Scientific studies have consistently demonstrated the addictive nature of pornography. Social scientists can also attest to the broken lives and families left in the destructive wake of pornography’s addiction. Both Louisiana children and Louisiana taxpayers are beneficiaries of SB 513, which protects each from the pornographic industry’s exploitative and graphic ways.

SB 513 now moves to the Senate Floor for a final vote and then onto the Governors desk for his signature.

Louisiana Family Forum is a statewide 501c3 non-profit organization represents traditional families and is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Louisiana Family Forum Action is a statewide 501c4 organization.

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